Bauli in autostrada

Sommacampagna (VR) - Italy

The project concerns the renovation of an "old motorway restaurant" built in the mid 60's operated by the Bauli family. The peculiarity and uniqueness of its shape convinced me to create an extension that, while incorporating the historical structure, would allow the interpretation and the evolution of the time. Thus, from the initial mushroom-shaped plant, an extension was born that envelops it completely.The external, technological and steel structure is connected with its surroundings: the motorway with cars and trucks. The interior, with its classic shapes, materials and hospitality spaces,is a counterpoint to the outside world, bringing us back to the serenity and happiness of times past. The natural light dominates all the spaces and guides us along all the routes: from the double-height compartment that connects thethe basement flanked by a vertical garden, the restaurant with the large central winter garden and the bar and shop area where the zenithal light gives the environment a relaxing atmosphere. The dark colors of the ceilings highlight the life that takes place underneath them and let you glimpse the old structures and the evolution of time.

Architect Sandro Rosolen
«I carried out and gained my first work experience in Argentina; I then moved to Italy where I graduated in architecture with honors at IUAV. With some fellow students I founded the Graphstudio "Atelier di Progettazione" with the idea of giving a design response to all what has to do with the world of interior design. In tune with the evolution of the my experiences, the firm evolved with the aim of assisting clients with global services, offering them a project approach which takes into account sustainability, profitability and the careful development of interventions. I have taken created design projects in the world of for hotels, bars and restaurants, as well as a number of travel retail outlets. My relationship with national and international customers has allowed me to develop my projects in airports and shopping malls in various Italian regions as well as in important European cities».

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